75 Clever Gifts That Are Really, Really Cheap On Amazon

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As fun as gift-giving is, it can also bring upon some anxiety when you start thinking about how much you may have to spend. But, thanks to Amazon, those worries are a thing of the past. You no longer have to go out searching for an expensive present that’ll impress your loved ones. All you have to do is scroll through this list to get a ton of ideas and have your final picks delivered straight to your door for under $30 — or even $10 (like this travel cosmetics bag). Square Trimmer Line

75 Clever Gifts That Are Really, Really Cheap On Amazon

All these products are things that can be incorporated into someone’s everyday life, so you know that you’re giving them something that’ll actually be used. Plus, many of them, like this Apple watch charging stand and these wireless earbuds, have over 30,000 reviews from happy customers, so you can feel confident giving these out. So get to shopping and wrapping now before it all sells out.

To keep drinks cold for longer and avoid any dangerous breaks at their next dinner party, gift the host with the most this set of stainless steel wine glasses. The stemless shape is comfortable to hold but you can rest assured knowing that if there is an accident, the cup won’t shatter or even dent. The set comes in a bunch of different styles (including a rustic wood option), making it easy to match to your friend’s decor.

Add this wick trimmer set to the candle fiend in your life so that they have everything they need to make their home smell and feel like a spa. This wick dipper, wick trimmer, and candle snuffer lets them properly care for their candle. By making sure the wick is clean every time and put out instantly, they’ll have smooth wax without any fallen ashes melted in and less black smoke each time. The trio comes in gold and rose gold finishes and will make any countertop look a little more fancy when displayed.

Any tea lover would appreciate this glass teapot not just because of its stylish look but its built-in steeper too. The stainless steel mesh infuser is rust-free and fit to steep any kind of loose tea leaves without them escaping into your cup. Plus, the small vent in the lid allows steam to be released during the process. Grab the matching set of glass cups to complete the gift.

This passport holder zips shut to assure that nothing slips out or gets damaged inside its water-resistant nylon. In addition to the twill lining and soft foam that make up the case, a layer of RFID-blocking material is built in as well to keep your ID and credit cards safe from data theft. The holder has pockets for up to four passports in addition to multiple card slots and zippered pockets so one person can keep everything in track for the whole family, all in one place.

Whether your friend is a pro makeup artist or just loves to do their own glam, this electric makeup brush cleaner can save them a ton of time. The kit includes a handheld electric cleaner and eight collars to fit any size brush to the device. As the collars hold the brush within the included bowl, use the handheld piece to spin the tool. This method can be used to both wash and dry each brush so that they’re all germ-free within minutes.

Make things easier for the bakers in your life with these silicone baking mats that can be used time and time again. They won’t have to use any kind of cooking oil or single-use parchment paper to get their delicious creations to slide right off the non-stick surface. The mat can handle temperatures from -40 to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, so it is safe to keep in the freezer for overnight recipes.

Instead of just bringing a bottle of wine to the next dinner party, gift the hosts this set of two wine aerators. The small gadget can be popped into the mouth of any bottle and infuses oxygen inside to bring out all the underlying flavors of the blend. The stainless steel plate regulator spreads the wine through the holes while pouring to maximize air exposure, making even cheap wine taste expensive.

These acrylic storage containers can act as a gift for both a parent and their little one. The duo comes in either a sheep or elephant shape so that even cotton balls and Q-tips can have a fun home in the bathroom. Each clear holder stands firm on the four legs and comes with a lid to keep everything clean and in order. They’re a great way to store things in plain sight without it being an eyesore.

This scalp massager is a must for anyone who’s obsessed with hair care. The gentle silicone bristles can remove dry skin, dandruff, and product buildup to give hair follicles a healthy base to grow from while acting as a soothing massage at the same time. Both heads can be used on wet or dry hair.

Made of food-grade zinc alloy and plastic, this measuring spoon isn’t just an average tablespoon. It actually adjusts to six different measurements from 1/2 teaspoon all the way to 1 tablespoon. It can be used for wet or dry ingredients, which means that this one tool will help you seriously declutter your kitchen drawers.

Even the most seasoned traveler will benefit from these packing cubes. This five-pack comes with various sizes all made of water-resistant nylon and breathable mesh that’s shut tight with a snag-free zipper that won’t damage clothes. Separate your bras and underwear from your tops and pants so that everything is easy to find once it’s time to unpack. You can also separate your dirty clothes using the included laundry bag.

Whether it’s for a costume party or to spruce up a concert outfit, this glitter gel is a great way to add a bit of sparkle without damaging your skin. With ingredients like aloe vera and peppermint essential oil, the gel soothes and brightens so that your glow comes from much more than just the shimmer. The formula dries quickly and washes away with soap and water. Grab a few of fun colors so they can mix and match.

For the clean freak in your life, it’s hard to beat this UV flashlight. Bright enough to even be used with the lights on, this flashlight has 68 LED bulbs that help you to find hidden scents and stains that may be lingering. This flashlight is easy to operate too, thanks to an anti-slip grip and single-button on/off feature.

Turn any shower into a five-star spa with this six-pack of shower steamers. Made in relaxing scents like grapefruit, peony & pear, and lemongrass & coconut, these steamers are made with essential oils that are strong but not overwhelming. Any residue left over will rinse right out post-shower, so there’s no need to worry about clean up.

This clip-on colander is a great present for those who love to cook but don’t exactly have all the space to store the tools they need. Though it’s half the size of a typical strainer, this piece works even better. Your pasta, fruit, or veggies can be strained and kept in the same pot or bowl by just clipping the silicone piece to any pot or pan. The grip of the BPA-free silicone keeps the food from falling out as the water is released through the built-in spout that prevents splashing.

Who doesn’t want baby-soft feet? This foot peel mask slides on like a sock to exfoliate and moisturize even the roughest, driest skin. After wearing for one hour, soak your feet, and watsh as your skin slowly peels off over the course of two weeks to reveal smooth heels without any cracks or calluses. With over 12,000 five-star reviews, you know this is one you have to immediately add to cart.

These salt and pepper grinders are seriously chic, but there’s more to this duo than just looks. They’re made with durable glass and stainless steel that is meant to last, and the grinder element is on the top, which means you won’t get weird residue on your counters. The entire set comes in a convenient caddy, so you can carry these from the counter to the table with ease.

For the skincare guru, it’s hard to beat this exfoliating towel. Made in the textile capital of Japan, this towel is soft yet super textured to scrub away dry, old skin. This towel also has an oversized design that means you can scrub at hard-to-reach spots — including the middle of your back.

At just 6 inches tall, this pour-over coffee maker is perfect for anyone who lives alone and doesn’t want too much precious counter space taken up. All they have to do is place their favorite ground blend into the stainless steel mesh filter, pour over boiling water, and within minutes they’ll have a flavorful pick-me-up that’s as good as any cafe’s brew. And the insulated collar makes it easy to enjoy right away without burning your hands.

For that friend who’s always looking for the next beauty tool on the market, surprise them with this marshmallow whip maker. The magical product can turn any gel, liquid, or even powder cleanser into a foam for a gentle product to use every day. Placing in just a pearl-sized amount of product and filling the tub with water will give you a ton more product to work with after giving it a few pumps.

To reduce waste and cut everyday costs, this pack of silicone straws is great to have around. The flexible pieces can be used in any tumbler and even be cut to the perfect length for shorter cups. This pack comes with five different fun colors, none of which fade after use in both cold and hot drinks. Use the long cleaning brush to make sure they’re spotless after sipping.

Let your friends in on the secret that these silk scrunchies are much gentler than typical hair ties. The super soft band reduces tugging and pulling to prevent breakage and even stops that weird crease from forming after wearing a ponytail. Plus, the pretty sheen is a fabulous touch to any outfit.

This funnel isn’t just mushroom shaped to be adorable — though it certainly is that. This shape actually comes seriously in handy for funneling into slim bottles. Flip up the dotted mushroom top to create a funnel, and the “stem” can fit into your bottle for a seamless pour. The flexible silicone means this mushroom is suitable for vessels of various sizes.

This makeup remover oil is full of natural ingredients like baobab seed oil and essential oils. The formula works to dissolve buildup from pores, remove dead skin cells, and restore moisture so that your skin is left clean and glowing. The non-greasy blend won’t leave residual oil, so you don’t have to think twice about using it when you want a deep clean or a smooth base to give yourself a face massage.

These clip-on book lights have three different lighting modes: white, amber, and daylight, so you can adjust the hue to best suit your comfort level and needs. Unlike a lot of book lights, these are rechargeable via USB, and one power-up lasts for 30 hours of late-night reading. These lights also feature a flexible gooseneck and lightweight design, so you won’t get tired when holding up your book.

Being heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, these silicone oven mitts are sure to last a lot longer than typical cotton ones. The durable exterior is both steam-resistant and waterproof so your hands are protected from any boiling pasta. Plus, the textured surface gives you a sturdy grip on baking sheets and pot handles so you can avoid any dangerous messes. The interior, meanwhile, is lined in a quilted cotton, making them comfy to wear throughout the entire cooking process. Use the attached loops to hang them right on the wall so they’re always close by.

These car air fresheners are so cute that people will think they’re just a decoration. These flower clips snap onto any car vent and release a refreshing scent that’ll mask any odors so it may be perfect for anyone with a pet who likes to go on joy rides. The durable tear-resistant material is meant to last and can even handle a paw or two coming its way.

This cuticle cream is made with a ton of nourishing ingredients like Japanese seaweed, aloe vera, and and shea butter, and the serum replenishes lost minerals that help nails grow. After massaging into your nail beds, you’ll be left with an instant shine and silky smooth feel. The formula is paraben-free and fragrance-free, making it perfect for anyone who loves beauty but is conscious about what they use.

The body of this cold brew maker is a glass pitcher that can brew up to 4 cups overnight and has measurement indicators so you know just how much you’re making. The stainless-steel precision-cut filter in addition to the silicone rings that line the tight cap keep the blend as fresh as can be so it can be kept in the fridge and enjoyed for days without letting grinds into your coffee. The silicone base keeps it in place even on smooth countertops and wide handle gives you a comfortable grip when pouring.

For anyone who has wanted to get into zen practices, this instructional yoga mat is the perfect way to start. The 70 illustrations right on the mat demonstrate different poses so that they always have inspiration and a guide to follow. The mat itself is 5 millimeters thick and has a great grip to keep you sturdy. Plus, it’s made of earth-friendly materials that are easy to wipe clean after a sweat session.

Upgrade the baker in your life’s creations with this bread banneton. The 9-inch proofing bowl is made of natural cane wood that is durable enough too hold 1.5 pounds of dough. The material wicks away moisture to leave the crust perfectly crispy, and the round shape creates a spiral ring in the dough. It’ll make any batch look like it was baked by a pro.

Made from plant-based essential oils, this calming pillow mist smells like one of the most relaxing things out there: lavender. This mist is free of dyes, synthetic fragrances, parabens, phosphates, and other undesirable things. But it is jam-packed with a soothing scent that you can spritz onto your pillow, linens, clothes, bathroom, and anywhere else you want a good fragrance.

This desktop organizer actually has two separate boxes that can be piled together or kept apart in addition to two interior panels that can be adjusted to make the compartments as big or small as you want. Use it to store pens and sticky notes in an ofice or place it on your vanity to hold makeup brushes and bottles of nail polish. Wherever it’s placed, the cool neutral colors will fit in with any decor.

This nonstick baking sheet has a glossy ceramic coating that is derived from sand and free of PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium, and that makes these super easy to clean. The heavy-duty steel body is oven safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and evenly distributes heat so that the cookies come out perfect every time. The raised edges make them easy to grab so that any messy spills can be avoided.

Packed full of omegas and rich fatty acids, there are multiple benefits to using this castor oil on hair. The cold-pressed blend restores moisture to the scalp and follicles to promote growth and add shine. Many happy reviewers report also using it on their eyebrows and lashes in addition to their head. The vegan and cruelty-free formula will fit right in to anyone’s eco-friendly regimen.

It doesn’t hurt to be a bit more cautious in the kitchen, and these bamboo tongs help you do just that. At 10.2 inches long, the pair make it easier to grab bread from the toaster and burgers from the grill without getting your hands too close to the heat. The durable yet lightweight bamboo wood is stain and odor-resistant so it’ll be in the same great condition no matter how many meals it’s used for.

For anyone who’s constantly getting ready in a rush, this super absorbent microfiber towel will come in handy. The breathable, super absorbent fabric soaks up moisture so your hair dries naturally faster. When unraveling, you’ll see that the soft and lightweight fibers leave your hair frizz-free and is more gentle than cotton towels that can pull and tug. The waffle weave has an elastic loop at the bottom where you can pull through part of the towel to keep it in place as you walk around the house.

Triple insulated with double stainless steel walls and a middle layer of copper lining, this insulated water bottle can keep hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours and cold drinks cold for up to 24. The shatterproof stainless steel is BPA-free and great for hikers to bring along on their adventures. Use any of the three lids to sip with a straw, mouthpiece, or no lid at all.

Since this detangling brush works on all hair types, you can’t go wrong gifting it to just about anyone. The brush’s unique cone-shaped flexible bristles gently separate and unravel even the toughest tangles instead of pulling straight through and breaking the follicles, keeping your hair frizz-free and damage-free. The ergonomically-shaped handle is also comfortable to hold, making this brush an all-star with over 46,000 five-star reviews.

Give the friend who loves to host a hand by bringing over this set of durable glass carafes. Both pitchers can hold a liter of liquid and come with plastic covers to keep things fresh — whether that’s fruit-infused water, wine, milk, or even a mojito mix. The narrow neck makes them easy to pour from so everyone can feel free to serve themselves.

In addition to being a great massage tool, this ice roller can actually soothe irritated skin, relieve muscle pain, and help release headache-causing tension. The cold therapy can even increase blood flow to decrease any puffiness after a long night. Just store it in the freezer, and you’ll be ready for a glam session any time.

For anyone with a flair for interior design, this set of glass tea light holders is sure to be put to good use. The vintage glass design with a fleur de lis detail will add to the ambiance of any room, whether these 2.8-inch tall jars are used to hold candles, candles, pencils, or other odds and ends. There are a few beautiful color options including amber and a frosted glass finish.

Unlike most butter containers, this butter dish has an attached flip-top lid, which means you avoid putting any part of it on the counter and making a mess. It’s also made of shatterproof, BPA-free plastic, so you don’t have to worry about dropping it. This unique butter holder can also hold two sticks at once, or even a big block of European butter. The holder even comes with a matching spreader that fits in the specially designed cradle in the front.

This belt bag is proof that you don’t have to pay a ton to keep up with the latest styles. The water-resistant nylon comes in over 30 colors and has an adjustable belt that adjusts from 22 to 40 inches, so you can choose to wear it around your waist or over your shoulder with just about any outfit. There are three interior mesh pockets in addition to the zippered exterior one so there is enough room to keep any hiking essentials or everyday products like your phone and some makeup for touch-ups.

This macrame mirror is surrounded by a sunburst woven shape made from cotton, and it’ll add a unique touch to any room. With a 9-inch mirror and a total diameter of about 20 inches, it’s a great statement piece that can fill up that empty wall that a loved one has been wondering what to do with. There is a metal ring on the back to stabilize it on a nail and have it up in just minutes.

While this thin fruit infuser bottle may not look like it can hold enough for the day, it actually has a 34-ounce capacity so you can enjoy plenty of your lemon water, cold brew, or tea. The bamboo bottom half provides an easy grip and brings an eye-catching look. Meanwhile, the durable metal filter makes sure that any flavor you’re adding stays in place, as does the airtight leak-proof lid. Keep it on your desk as a reminder to stay hydrated and don’t worry, the silicone base will keep it from losing its balance.

This slim and sleek LED lamp won’t disrupt the decor of any room, thanks to its minimalistic style. Use the touch-control base to switch between five different levels of light intensity and three different color temperatures. With hinges at both the base and top, it’s easy to direct the light exactly where needed, and the sturdy metal is available in black or white to bring a modern feel to any workspace.

This stainless steel dough scraper can cut and portion out dough and scrape a cutting board clean with ease. The sharp blade is 6 inches wide with measurement marks on it, so you can perfectly measure out the size of each piece. This versatile kitchen tool can also be used to chop up vegetables and herbs in no time. Keep it protected with the included cover before placing it back in the drawer.

This waterproof dry bag is made of a lightweight but strong polyester material that can be rolled up and buckled shut to keep your phone and ID safe and dry even if fully submersed in water thanks to the airtight seal. It’ll also keep out sand, dirt, and dust. The ripstop, BPA-free material simply wipes clean, too, which makes it great for outdoor adventurers.

This cocktail shaker comes with a shaker, jigger, strainer, and even a set of cards with cocktail recipes on them so you can experiment with something new each time. The shaker has a weighted bottom to avoid spills and a water-tight seal when closed so not one drop is wasted. Choose between classic and stunning copper and silver finishes; both come in a tube that’s easy to travel with and access.

This bath pillow has a plush cushion that remains firm thanks to the mesh that allows it to ventilate and stay dry, so that you’re always enveloped in a supportive cloud. The large size will support your head, neck, back, and shoulders all at once so you step out of the tub truly feeling relaxed. The heavy-duty suction cups keep it in place while using but the attached hook makes it easy to hang up to dry afterwards.

This three-pack of cutting boards are the perfect trio to have around when tackling a long ingredient list. Cross-contamination and constant washing can be avoided by separating the meat, veggies, and herbs on the various sizes that are included. Each board is non-porous to keep away germs yet still has a textured surface for smooth cuts and grip. The side grooves catch any leftover juices as you grip the non-slip handles to empty it out in the trash. The set won’t splinter, crack, or peel even when put in the dishwasher.

This car phone mount definitely won’t slip or fall while driving since the base fits into most standard cup holders. In fact, the size can be extended by an inch to securely fit into larger holders. From, there the adjustable gooseneck lets you position your phone in any direction, and the holder itself rotates 360 degrees. The weighted construction is meant to stop any shaking so you can easily follow along with your map or keep your end of a conversation.

For a quick pick-me-up for your skin, grab this pack of under-eye patches. Their nourishing ingredients like glycerin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid help moisturize dehydrated skin for a healthy glow and brightened under-eye skin, even when you’re super sleepy. They’re infused with 24-karat gold, too, so they look extremely luxe when on.

Instead of making a crumby mess by transferring from a pot or microwavable bag into a bowl, do all the cooking and enjoying in one vessel with this silicone popcorn popper. All you have to do is place the kernels inside, pop it in the microwave, and munch away. No need to use more dishes or spend time picking up runaways from the floor. The unique shape evenly distributes heat so nearly every kernel is popped, and this silicone body is able to collapse down to just over 2 inches in height for easy storage. Make 15 cups at once and place it in the dishwasher when it’s all devoured.

For the homes that have a lot of inconvenient dark spots that don’t have the space to set up electricity, give the owners this pack of wireless LED lights that take just seconds to install. Each light requires just a bit of mounting tape or a screw (both of which are included) to place it anywhere a bit of illumination is needed. They’re controlled with a wireless remote that gives you the option to adjust the brightness or even set up a timer to automatically turn them off. Your closet, basement, cabinets, and even trunk will be a lot easier to navigate once these are stuck on.

This super slim portable charger is easy to stick in any bag when on-the-go. Using the USB ports, two devices can be charged at once with its speedy power bank. Airpods can be fully charged over 13 times and iPhones over three, depending on the model. At just 7 ounces heavy and 5 inches long, this powerful charger is also super compact.

To keep things fresh and give your pantry a more uniformed and clean look, keep everything in these food storage containers. The airtight lids have silicone seals that prevent cereals, beans, rice, and just about anything else from getting stale. The set also comes with reusable labels and a chalkboard marker to keep everything organized and easy to find. Stack each rectangular container up or keep them side by side, whichever saves you the most space.

This burger press is the perfect gift for someone who loves to brill but also like to come up with their own creations. Instead of using store-bought burgers, they’ll be able to make their own burger blend with this strong aluminum tool. The measurement line will help them be precise when trying to make either quarter-pound or third-pound burgers and the ridges on the top and bottom will give each one that classic grill imprint.

Over 13,000 happy creatives have used this nail art kit to make their own designs, so you know it’s good enough to wrap up and gift to a friend. The set comes with 15 brushes in all different shapes and sizes, five nail-dotting pens, rhinestones, glitter foil, and more to help create custom nail looks at home for less than the quarter of a price of a salon manicure.

This cell phone stand is good to have around in any household or office. Whether you’re following along with a cooking video or trying to watch your favorite show while eating breakfast, this hands-free tool makes a ton of tasks a lot easier. The stand’s angle can also be adjusted from 0 to 100 degrees, so it folds up for travel, and your phone can comfortably fit both vertically and horizontally. The silicone pads lining the bottom keep it in place and prevent any scratches on your desk or counters.

Similar to the dry bag that was mentioned earlier, the shape of this travel cosmetic bag gives you a ton of space to work with. Inside, there are three mesh pockets and four elastic bands to organize small products and keep mini bottles standing up right, and the center compartment is plenty roomy for bigger bottles. The lightweight material is filled with filled with shockproof cotton to keep any glass or plastic from popping open and creating a mess. When you get home from a trip, just pop the entire thing in the washing machine to give it a refresh before it’s time to pack again.

These microwave bowl huggers make it safe to immediately grab whatever yummy snack has been heating up when you’re just too excited to let it cool down. The cozy and durable polyester blend material can bend to fit around various sized bowls and are meant to be used time and time again without losing their high-quality. They can also be used as pot holders and trivets when something is ready to be pulled out of the oven.

This LED compact mirror gives you all the light you need to touch-up your makeup or fix your hair no matter where you are. The handheld tool is double-sided with a regular mirror on one side and a 10x magnified mirror on the other, allowing you to precisely apply mascara or tweeze your brows. It comes in a few different adorable colors to suit anyone who needs some brightness.

Next time your friend is on their way to that overpriced cafe, hand over this milk frother and stop them from spending their cash. Instead of spending $5 on a single latte, this handheld device lets them create countless matcha lattes and protein shakes at home. The ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold and easy to control with just one hand. The powerful motor works in just 15 seconds to create the perfect amount of foam for all their favorites. When done, prop it up on the stainless steel stand that’s included.

It’s clear why these Bluetooth earbuds have over 21,000 five-star reviews. They offer powerful, high-quality sound and can last for six hours one a single charge and 24 hours with the charging case. The ergonomic and waterproof buds are meant to mold the shape of any ear for a perfect fit that won’t budge even through the most intense workout. Use them to blast your favorite hits or answer calls hands-free.

Any true coffee lover won’t just have one box of pods at a time. To help keep their kitchen organized and still looking chic, consider this coffee pod drawer. The durable black shelf can handle the weight of a coffee machine, so it can be placed right underneath and not take up any more counter space. The drawer is separated into three sections and can hold a total of 36 pods. The anti-slip pad covering the bottom keeps it from moving around on even the smoothest kitchen countertop.

This travel jewelry organizer keeps you from dedicating the first hour of your vacation to untangling all your necklaces. The compact case has three zippered pockets, necklace clips, and holders made specifically for your rings and earrings so you have a clear view of all your style options. This is the perfect present for someone who is always on-the-go or tends to misplace their tiny valuables.

For the friends who have returned to work in their offices, this insulated thermos can end up saving them a ton of cash. Instead of going out for lunch each day, they can make their own at home and keep it hot for five hours or cold for 10 thanks to this vacuumed container. The stainless steel body and leak-proof lid prevent condensation and keep food fresher for longer so that they have a delicious meal waiting for them each day.

Perfect for hikers, dog owners, or people who like to putz around in the garage, this beanie has one key feature: a LED light in the middle of the brim. Rechargeable via USB and removable for easy cleaning, the light acts as a hands-free illumination option for evening strolls. The hat itself is available in over 20 designs and is made of a snuggly acrylic fabric.

To combat a cluttered desk, introduce everyone in your life to this glass monitor stand that creates extra space out of thin air. The chic tempered glass is held up by sturdy metal legs and will lift your computer monitor up nearly 5 inches. Underneath there is a sliding drawer to store extra notebooks, chargers, and anything else that didn’t have a proper home before. The height also helps to reduce neck stain as it brings the screen to a more comfortable eye level.

Instead of struggling to clean the microwave after each meal, stop the mess from happening in the first place with this splatter cover. The perforated lid stops any hot splatters from hitting the microwave walls while still allowing steam to be released thanks to the perforated top. The small holes also turn this cover into a colander to strain vegetables and pasta. Best of all, it can be collapsed to just 1 inch in height for easy storage.

If only all chargers can look as good as this Apple watch charging stand. The compact gadget is made of scratch-free silicone to keep your watch looking as good as new and comes in a bunch of neutral colors so it can blend into any decor. The gadget’s indent props up your watch so you can still see the face and any notifications that may be coming through.

These stainless steel coffee mugs sure look sleek, but they have a double-wall build that helps with insulation, so your drinks will stay warm or cold for hours and hours. Made with food-grade, BPA-free materials, these coffee mugs can be used at home or away, because they have a convenient lid that’s great for outdoor or on-the-go sips.

At just under $10, you won’t find another succulent pot this cute and affordable. The ceramic piece sits at around 5 inches tall and comes in the shape of a Buddha head, panda, hippo, cat, or pink pig. The drainage hole at the bottom makes it as functional as it is adorable by allowing the plant to better breathe and thrive.

75 Clever Gifts That Are Really, Really Cheap On Amazon

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